piclens -免费在线图片幻灯片造物主新增功能

by @lynfr8 on 2008-04-12 23:27:17

近来,我一直在寻找完美的屏幕保护程序 ,为我的电脑。 I finally got tired of looking at the same pictures over and over again.我终于厌倦了看相同的照片并再次改革。 However, scouring the Internet for images that would make me happy was not an easy task.不过,冲刷互联网形象,将令我高兴,不是一件容易的事。 Just when I had decided to give up hope, I came across a useful web browser addon.只是,当我已决定放弃希望,我偶然看到一个有用的Web浏览器addon 。 This handy little tool works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and even Safari.这个小巧的工具,工程在Internet Explorer中,火狐,甚至野生动物园。 After downloading it and using it, I soon discovered that it behaves similar to a screensaver.下载后,它并使用它,我很快发现,它的行为类似于一个屏幕保护程序。 The only difference between this tool and a traditional screensaver is that it is far better.唯一的区别这个工具和传统的屏幕保护程序是:它是好得多。 Pi