Corner.js - 为你网站的图片添加圆角边框

by @diglog on 2007-04-20 08:18:20

不但具有圆角效果,还有很多Photoshop的虑镜效果。只需下载corner.js,然后这只图片的class就可以了,十分简洁方便,目前支持Mozilla Firefox 1.5 , Opera 9 and Safari,不支持IE。js大小为6.4KB。

Corner.js 1.0 allows you to add corners to images on your webpages. It uses unobtrusive javascript to keep your code clean.It works in all the major browsers - Mozilla Firefox 1.5 , Opera 9 and Safari. On older browsers and Internet Explorer, it’ll degrade and your visitors won’t notice a thing. It’s 6.4KB。